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Spa Baskets for a Relaxing Day

Did you know that August 15th is National Relaxation Day? In preparation of this national day to unwind and slow down, The Gift Basket Pros have a few ideas to help get into the relaxation state of mind. Our worlds are so hectic, chaotic and with the influence of technology, we rarely have the opportunity to appreciate a simple moment without distractions. By simply slowing down and taking a day, or even a few moments, to unwind, we can reduce stress which has been linked to both our physical and mental well being.

Although most people won't be able to take the day off work, you can still try your very best to avoid those daily stressful situations as much as possible. Take deep relaxing breaths throughout the day and stand up from your desk periodically to stretch and relax the muscles from the tension of sitting for long hours. Take your lunch break at a relaxing setting, away from crowds and noise and just reflect on what brings you peace. You could also skip the afternoon coffee and opt for a cup of tea instead to help unwind before the Relaxation Spa Basketday is over.

For those lucky folks that can enjoy the day off, there are so many ways to escape the hustle and bustle of life and simply relax. Spend the afternoon curled up on the sofa reading a nice book, or if you have access to a beach, go for a long walk and listen to the waves and seagulls that are sure to bring inner peace. Enjoy an afternoon of golf and a beautiful green golf course, or spend some time soaking in a hot bath with treats from our Refreshing Spa Gift Basket that is full of Mandarin Blossom scented bath and body goodies. An afternoon of relaxation can completely change your perspective!

The possibilities are endless! An afternoon movie, taking a drive through the country, spending a lunch hour with close friends, there are so many ways to take a break from our social media driven world where the loud and chaotic noises of life are rarely turned off. Take a break, relax and put your feet up for just one day and you will certainly breath easier!

A Cookie Lover’s Dream Gift

Some people prefer chocolates, some prefer flowers, but there is a special group of people that will skyrocket over the moon when they receive fresh baked cookies as a gift! Throughout the year, many special occasions will come and you might wonder what would they truly like for this special occasion. The answer is simple and the choices are vast, a delicious and mouthwatering selection of cookie gift baskets awaits your viewing pleasure!

For example, one gift that comes to mind is the Mrs. Fields Any Occasion Cookie Basket. This signature red tub holds 144 delectable Mrs. Fields fresh outMrs. Fields Any Occasion Cookie Basket of the oven mini bite-sized cookies in flavors including Peanut Butter, Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Cinnamon Sugar, White Chunk Macadamia, Oatmeal Raisin Walnut, and Triple Chocolate. A true cookie lover's dream that will put a huge smile on their face from occasions such as Birthday to Thank You to Christmas! Packaged in special wrappings to remain fresh, each satisfying bite will remind them of how special they are to you.

For special occasions such as birthdays, a gift such as the Mrs. Fields Birthday Cookie Gift Tin is better than any cake they would receive. This festive Happy Birthday gift tin holds an assortment of heavenly mini or full sized cookies in a range of sizes. From 28 mini cookies to 24 full sized cookies to 112 mini cookies, this birthday treat is the perfect gift for the birthday boy or girl that dreams of cookies from morning until night!

So if you know someone that dreams of cookies where each savory and luscious bite makes them feel like they are truly living, then sending a yummy cookie basket is the only choice you have. Ideal for personal gift occasions or even for business thank you gifts, a fresh baked treat is just waiting to make someone's day!

Holiday Corporate Gifts Preparation

It's hard to believe that we are in the hottest part of summer and already we are seeing back to school items lining store shelves everywhere! And with that fall preparation, comes the reality that it will be time to send out year end holiday gifts sooner than you think. We still have a few months to go, but with some early preparation, your task of sending out 10 or 1,000 corporate gifts may end up being much easier than you think.

First and foremost, compile your list of recipients! If you are sending different priced gifts to different tiered levels of customers, define those categories and get to work on obtaining up to date names and complete addresses. This is the most time consuming part of preparing a long list of gift recipients and you will be glad you did the work early on! While updating your addresses, ensure you are obtaining any suite or floor numbers and double check the zip code. Companies move locations and you may not have been informed of a new address, so double checking this information with an administrative assistant will certainly help, you could even check their company website!

Also, you want to make sure you are spelling your recipient's name correctly, it never hurts to ask to avoid an embarrassing situation once the gift has Large Corporate Ordersbeen delivered. While confirming the name and address details, it would also benefit you to confirm this company is allowed to receive gifts. Suprisingly, many companies have policies in place that do not allow gifts to be received by employees. Albeit more companies do allow their employees to receive gift baskets, you want to make sure your gift will not be returned due to this policy.

And most importantly, place your order early! Not only will this reserve your inventory, especially if your order is on the larger side, but because so many employees will enjoy long vacations during the month of December, with some leaving the second week of the month and not returning until January. Generally, the first week of December is when we notice the larger corporate holiday gifts shipping out to ensure everyone receives them in plenty of time. But never fear, if you are unable to compile your list in time, sending a New Year's gift is perfectly acceptable and there are more companies that have opted for sending gifts at the first of the year once everyone has returned from vacation. This allows for all of those that you want to thank to be back in the office so they can all enjoy your thoughtful gift.

As always, our Corporate Gift Services team members are always ready to answer any questions you might have regarding placing your holiday order. Our team is the best and most knowledgeable and is waiting to provide you with the very best customer experience that you will find anywhere!

Fruit Gifts for the Health Conscious

Living a healthy lifestyle is usually defined as exercising regularly and eating a low calorie diet. To many, this is just a normal way of life with the occasional hamburger and side order of fries for dinner. We have to learn balance and moderation in order to live happy and healthy lives. But for most, eating healthy is much harder than it sounds. The sugar and salt cravings come on like a tidal wave and before you know it, you've blown your caloric intake and start to think that eating healthy just isn't worth the effort. Unfortunately, the salty and sugary foods are more accessible due to our hectic lifestyles and crazy work hours.

Even though the majority of gifts are designed around rich chocolates, creamy cheeses and an assortment of chips and cookies, sending a healthy gift is only a click away. The Gift Basket Pros are proud to provide healthy and delicious gifts that are guaranteed to be fresh upon delivery and enjoyed with a Mixed Fruit Basketsmile. For example, our Fruit and Nut Gift Box boasts orchard fresh Braeburn Apples, Imperial Comice Pears, roasted cashews and for something sweet, chocolate-covered cherries. As I said before, it's about balance!

If you need to send strictly fruit, a mouth-watering Mixed Fruit Basket overflowing with assorted pears, apples, oranges and juicy kiwi is the way to go! Available with organic or regular fruit options, this deluxe fruit sensation is a sure way to promote a healthy living lifestyle all while sending your warmest wishes for their special occasion. From birthdays to sympathy gifts, a basket full of fresh fruits aims to create a sense of harmony that is good for the soul.

We are delighted to offer such a variety of healthy fruit gifts for your next special moment. Not only for friends and family but for co-workers and business associates sending the gift of health is literally a click away and with so many choices and competitive prices, you will be thrilled with what you find. Help them continue the healthy lifestyle and send a quality fruit gift basket by The Gift Basket Pros!

A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

In today's world, we are hearing on the news almost daily about violence, hate and evil entities that are out to harm us in one way or another. And for me personally, I am sick of feeling afraid to walk out of my front door for fear of what is lurking around the corner. I am going to change the way I act to others and encourage you to do the same. Let's treat each other with a little more respect, kindness, compassion and understanding of opposing views. Let's get back to being one nation instead of feeling divided and afraid.

One simple way I am going to change the world for the better is saying hello to someone I might not have spoken to before. Instead of keeping my Mrs. Fields Sunshine Cookie Totehead down and walking past, I will simply acknowledge and say "hello"! You never know how someone's day may have gone from bad to worse, and a simple smile and kind gesture could be the small difference to turn their day around. We just don't know the other person's circumstances and a small smile could in turn prompt them to do the same.

I am also going to reach out to those closest to me more often. If it is a text message or email exchange, or even picking up the phone to hear their voice, I want my friends and family to know they are important and loved and not forgotten. Something as simple as a Mrs. Fields Sunshine Cookie Tote will remind them that they are being thought of and will be sure to deliver a big smile. A gesture such as sending a small gift can make all the difference when it comes to showing someone you care.

Sending gift baskets is one sure way to spread happiness through today's crumbling chaos, but you might have another way that suits your personality better. Making a batch of cookies for a neighbor, thanking your local policeman for their service, or purchasing the cup of coffee for the person in line with you at your local coffee shop, there are so many small ways to show kindness and it is upon our shoulders more than ever to take a stand and make a difference! This world needs more kindness and it is up to us to see this change through.

Starbucks Coffee Gifts for the Coffee Lover

When it comes to sending a gift, most often we find that many gift recipients are thrilled when they receive a coffee gift basket, specifically, a Starbucks Coffee Basket! There are many types of coffees out there, but the one name synonymous with first-class taste and quality, is always Starbucks. There is just something about that bold, rich flavor that wakes us up in the morning, provides an afternoon pick-me-up, and allows us to enjoy a nice long conversation with an old friend over a hot cup of coffee.

There are so many flavor options available it becomes a tough choice to determine if the recipient prefers a darkStarbucks Selection Basket roast or a light roast, but no worries, we have incredible selections for both. Our Starbucks Coffee Sampler Gift Box houses four different blends of Starbuck's most popular roasts including House Blend, Breakfast Blend, Verona and Cafe Estima. No matter their preference this gift will deliver big coffee smiles.

For those that prefer a more robust taste, our Starbucks Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket houses a bold French Roast, Cafe Verona and House Blend coffee
along with a variety of Starbucks sweet treats like caramel wafers, raspberry cookies and even two coffee mugs! This is the ideal gift for both business and personal gifting and always aims to please!

The Gift Basket Pros provide a large assortment of gourmet Starbucks gifts anyone would be thrilled to receive. From birthdays to thank you gifts the ideal coffee gift is just waiting to make someone's day special. Send the gift of delicious coffee on your next special occasion and make their day that much brighter!

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When it comes to social media platforms, The Gift Basket Pros are constantly looking for new ways to stay in touch with our customers. It's so important in our world of technology to let you know when new gifts are available, when you can save big with specials or shipping promotions, or just to keep you updated with what we are liking these days. And the perfect platform to do just that is with Pinterest!

Through our Pinterest page, The Gift Basket Pros are able to share an assortment of visual gifts and related topics that are not only fun but informative. For example, on our Gifts On Sale board, we are constantly updating with gifts that have just been marked down. For all types of occasions like baby or wine, you are sure to find a great deal! We also update a Free Shipping board with all gifts where free ground shipping is available, again, for a whole host of gifting occasions.

If you are a wine lover, you will want to be sure to follow our Wine Gift Baskets board. Here we showcase our best selling wine gifts from chardonnay Follow us on Pinterest!to merlot that make perfect personal or corporate gifts. You will also want to follow and stay up to date with our other boards that are similar to wine, but more social in nature like our Food and Wine Pairings and Drinks & Cocktails boards. We even have a For the Love of Wine board that showcases beautiful bottles and glasses of wine in different settings. An appreciation for wine is one that is developed over time!

In celebration of everything chocolate you would want to follow our Chocolate Gifts board along with a massive collection of chocolate recipes on our Chocolate Bliss board. Here you will stay current with recipes for brownies, cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, pies, and every other chocolate delight your heart desires! Although we haven't baked everything on this board, we are confident that you will find some new favorite chocolate recipes!

With so many gift occasions and holidays, we are confident that you will find everything on our Pinterest board fun and entertaining. You will stay up to date with all new gift designs and hopefully have some fun along the way. Check us out on Pinterest and become a new follower today!

Sending a Sympathy Gift

Finding the right words to say during a time of grieving can often be difficult, but making a gesture of any kind is a step in the right direction for healing to begin. No matter if the loss is a family member or close friend, the loss of someone special can take years for many to overcome. The memories that have been made over the long years all come rushing back and seem just like they happened yesterday. We wish so desperately that we could have just one more opportunity to say "I love you" or to share a hug, but that time has passed and all that are left are those memories.

Often, a sympathy card is sent to help ease the pain, which is great, but then a stack of cards end up in a drawer that just become hard to look at. Instead, send a gift that will allow those left behind to snack during this difficult time as eating is one of the last things many want to do. Obviously cooking meals will not be a priority, so a basket full of fresh fruits for nourishment or crackers with cheese would make great options that many could Mrs. Fields Sympathy Mini Cookie Basketshare as those grieving come in and out of the home for visits. For example, the Sympathy Gift Basket incorporates a hearty selection of snack treats such as biscotti, almonds, cookies, tea and so much more, which will make a practical gesture. Also included is a "Healing after Loss" book that will provide inspiring words of comfort.

A more natural and healthy choice would be the With Sympathy Fruit Gift Basket. A handsome basket holds a number of farm fresh fruits such as pears, apples and oranges that can be a welcome gesture when so many are bringing heavy casseroles. A basket of fresh fruit will help aid the nutrients and vitamins needed during this difficult time. An elegant "With Sympathy" ribbon will also be included at no additional cost.

The Gift Basket Pros offer a variety of sympathy and bereavement gifts for family and friends when you need to send a special heartfelt message. There is no more difficult time than the loss of a loved one, and your generosity and thoughtfulness is sure to help mend the broken hearts that are so deeply wounded.

Birthday Gifts for All Ages!

Each and every year, that one special day rolls around that we may or may not look forward to, the festive Birthday, where everyone on social media wishes you a year long of happiness and good wishes. Posting a "Happy Birthday" sentiment is certainly considerate for those old high school friends and acquaintances, but for closer friends and family, sending a gesture like a gift from our wide assortment of Birthday Gift Baskets, is definitely more personal.

Birthdays are celebrated from day one, so The Gift Basket Pros offer a wide variety of gift options to suit all ages. For the younger celebrations, sending a Mrs. Fields Birthday Bear would make a great choice! This plush and cuddly bear boasts a "Happy Birthday" shirt and festive hat that shows he's ready to celebrate. Also included are a variety of fresh baked Mrs. Fields assorted cookies that the birthday boy or girl can enjoy all on their own.

For those around the teen years, a Birthday Wishes Gift Tower is sure to put a big smile on their face! This joyous tower contains a mixture of snack Birthday Wishes Gift Towertreats perfect for late nights with friends while the birthday party continues. And with Free Shipping, you can't go wrong! Gift boxes decorated with candles and balloons will make a great treat for any young adult to receive on their special day.

And for those on the more mature side, a Gourmet Birthday Wine Basket will brighten their day. Birthday cheers will be heard all around when the lucky birthday guy or girl receives this unique gift. With a bottle of either Merlot or Chardonnay as the centerpiece, surrounded by a host of gourmet treats, this birthday will be one they won't long forget.

So as you can see, from the young to the young at heart, a gift for all ages is ready and waiting to be sent to wish someone special a grand and happy birthday. We all deep down love to receive those birthday wishes each year, but receiving a gift truly says you are remembered and very special to someone!

Summer Gift Basket Ideas

Summer is officially here, yet again! The long warm days make the ideal setting for outdoor parties and fun for all ages. Poolside gatherings and firing up the grill are ideal ways to spend those long lazy days, and for the host of the gathering, you want to take along a fun gift that shows your appreciation for their thoughtfulness. Luckily, The Gift Basket Pros are here to help you pick the ideal gift out of our large assortment of warm weather gift baskets.

First, the quintessential gift would be a luscious fruit basket! Overflowing with perfectly ripe orchard fresh fruits like Granny Smith Apples, Imperial Comice Pears and Navel Oranges, not only would this gift make an excellent warm weather treat, but the fruits inside would be perfect additions for a Mrs. Fields  Summer Time Cookie Pailcold batch of sangria to enjoy at the party! Fruit during the summer is an excellent choice since it instantly refreshes and hydrates, not to mention the vitamins fresh fruits provide during those super hot summer days!

Next, we would suggest a summer themed gift like the Mrs. Fields Summer Time Cookie Pail. This "Summer of Fun" themed yellow pail holds two dozen fresh baked Mrs. Fields mini cookies, that are ideal for sharing! Also included are two yellow frosted butter cookies and delicious vanilla taffy. Everyone loves cookies and this would make the perfect appreciation gift for your summer soiree.

And lastly, you can't host a barbecue without all of the necessities. Our Barbecue Basket is a must have gift that includes everything to get the summer bash off to a great start. A bamboo cutting board, grill cleaning brush, barbecue sauce, tumbler cups and so much more make up this summertime favorite. When everyone sees what a wonderful guest you are for giving such a considerate gift, you will surely be invited to everyone's summer parties!