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Sending a Sympathy Gift

Finding the right words to say during a time of grieving can often be difficult, but making a gesture of any kind is a step in the right direction for healing to begin. No matter if the loss is a family member or close friend, the loss of someone special can take years for many to overcome. The memories that have been made over the long years all come rushing back and seem just like they happened yesterday. We wish so desperately that we could have just one more opportunity to say "I love you" or to share a hug, but that time has passed and all that are left are those memories.

Often, a sympathy card is sent to help ease the pain, which is great, but then a stack of cards end up in a drawer that just become hard to look at. Instead, send a gift that will allow those left behind to snack during this difficult time as eating is one of the last things many want to do. Obviously cooking meals will not be a priority, so a basket full of fresh fruits for nourishment or crackers with cheese would make great options that many could Mrs. Fields Sympathy Mini Cookie Basketshare as those grieving come in and out of the home for visits. For example, the Sympathy Gift Basket incorporates a hearty selection of snack treats such as biscotti, almonds, cookies, tea and so much more, which will make a practical gesture. Also included is a "Healing after Loss" book that will provide inspiring words of comfort.

A more natural and healthy choice would be the With Sympathy Fruit Gift Basket. A handsome basket holds a number of farm fresh fruits such as pears, apples and oranges that can be a welcome gesture when so many are bringing heavy casseroles. A basket of fresh fruit will help aid the nutrients and vitamins needed during this difficult time. An elegant "With Sympathy" ribbon will also be included at no additional cost.

The Gift Basket Pros offer a variety of sympathy and bereavement gifts for family and friends when you need to send a special heartfelt message. There is no more difficult time than the loss of a loved one, and your generosity and thoughtfulness is sure to help mend the broken hearts that are so deeply wounded.

Birthday Gifts for All Ages!

Each and every year, that one special day rolls around that we may or may not look forward to, the festive Birthday, where everyone on social media wishes you a year long of happiness and good wishes. Posting a "Happy Birthday" sentiment is certainly considerate for those old high school friends and acquaintances, but for closer friends and family, sending a gesture like a gift from our wide assortment of Birthday Gift Baskets, is definitely more personal.

Birthdays are celebrated from day one, so The Gift Basket Pros offer a wide variety of gift options to suit all ages. For the younger celebrations, sending a Mrs. Fields Birthday Bear would make a great choice! This plush and cuddly bear boasts a "Happy Birthday" shirt and festive hat that shows he's ready to celebrate. Also included are a variety of fresh baked Mrs. Fields assorted cookies that the birthday boy or girl can enjoy all on their own.

For those around the teen years, a Birthday Wishes Gift Tower is sure to put a big smile on their face! This joyous tower contains a mixture of snack Birthday Wishes Gift Towertreats perfect for late nights with friends while the birthday party continues. And with Free Shipping, you can't go wrong! Gift boxes decorated with candles and balloons will make a great treat for any young adult to receive on their special day.

And for those on the more mature side, a Gourmet Birthday Wine Basket will brighten their day. Birthday cheers will be heard all around when the lucky birthday guy or girl receives this unique gift. With a bottle of either Merlot or Chardonnay as the centerpiece, surrounded by a host of gourmet treats, this birthday will be one they won't long forget.

So as you can see, from the young to the young at heart, a gift for all ages is ready and waiting to be sent to wish someone special a grand and happy birthday. We all deep down love to receive those birthday wishes each year, but receiving a gift truly says you are remembered and very special to someone!

Summer Gift Basket Ideas

Summer is officially here, yet again! The long warm days make the ideal setting for outdoor parties and fun for all ages. Poolside gatherings and firing up the grill are ideal ways to spend those long lazy days, and for the host of the gathering, you want to take along a fun gift that shows your appreciation for their thoughtfulness. Luckily, The Gift Basket Pros are here to help you pick the ideal gift out of our large assortment of warm weather gift baskets.

First, the quintessential gift would be a luscious fruit basket! Overflowing with perfectly ripe orchard fresh fruits like Granny Smith Apples, Imperial Comice Pears and Navel Oranges, not only would this gift make an excellent warm weather treat, but the fruits inside would be perfect additions for a Mrs. Fields  Summer Time Cookie Pailcold batch of sangria to enjoy at the party! Fruit during the summer is an excellent choice since it instantly refreshes and hydrates, not to mention the vitamins fresh fruits provide during those super hot summer days!

Next, we would suggest a summer themed gift like the Mrs. Fields Summer Time Cookie Pail. This "Summer of Fun" themed yellow pail holds two dozen fresh baked Mrs. Fields mini cookies, that are ideal for sharing! Also included are two yellow frosted butter cookies and delicious vanilla taffy. Everyone loves cookies and this would make the perfect appreciation gift for your summer soiree.

And lastly, you can't host a barbecue without all of the necessities. Our Barbecue Basket is a must have gift that includes everything to get the summer bash off to a great start. A bamboo cutting board, grill cleaning brush, barbecue sauce, tumbler cups and so much more make up this summertime favorite. When everyone sees what a wonderful guest you are for giving such a considerate gift, you will surely be invited to everyone's summer parties!

The History of Father's Day

Did you know that Mother's Day was officially recognized as a nationwide holiday in the United States 58 years before Father's Day? The first state to recognize this special day for dad's was the state of Washington with President Richard Nixon not proclaiming an official celebration until 1972. That really doesn't sound like that long ago, but our amazing father's are officially recognized now on a day of their very own.

Mother's Day was formally approved as a resolution in 1914 by President Woodrow Wilson, making the second Sunday in May a joyful celebration of mother's and mother-like figures. Father's Day didn't seem to pick up much steam however as men felt it emasculated them, that men did not want to
be showered with flowers and feminine gifts like the mother's did. In 1924, President Coolidge worked hard
to urge state governments to observe Father's Day, however it fell to the wayside as a commercial gimmick where dad would end up paying for his Mrs. Fields Father's Day Gift Boxgifts himself since he was the breadwinner.

In the 1930's, many tried to combine both Mother's Day and Father's Day into one holiday, to celebrate
both parents with Parent's Day. Due to the unfortunate Depression that hit, this movement was halted and retailers choose to move forward with reclassifying the types of gifts dads would now receive. No longer would flowers and homemade gifts be the standard, but instead goods that men actually liked such as ties, cigars, golf clubs, etc. By the end of World War II, Father's Day was a national institution, although it wasn't a federal holiday.

It wasn't until 1972 that President Nixon declared Father's Day a national holiday, and since then each year father's are showered with gifts like sporting goods, Father's Day Beer Basket, and socks. Long live this tradition of celebrating dad's across this great country for all they sacrifice for their kids each and every day.

Sending Corporate Gifts, the Easy Way!

No matter if it's the end of the year and you are working on sending all of your clients holiday gifts, or if it's the middle of summer and you would like to remind your employees or clients that they are appreciated, The Gift Basket Pros can help ease the task of corporate gifting. It might sound like a tedious project, but sending business and corporate gifts is actually quite simple! Just contact our friendly Corporate Gift Specialist team and they will walk you through the process step by step.

Once you decide that you will be sending out gifts, let your dedicated account representative put together a list of gift options based on your budget Corporate Gratitude Gift Basket
and theme, which you can email within your office so everyone can vote for their favorite. Once the gift has been decided on, you would simply compile your recipient address data onto our easy to use Excel Order Form, which would be emailed back to your dedicated account rep, and your work is done! We take over from there, importing your data and sending you an order confirmation to review to ensure everything is accurate. A Corporate Gift Specialist will always answer any questions you might have and will work to ensure the process quite easy and effortless.

And when it comes to savings on your large corporate order, we can certainly help! The Gift Basket Pros are always going to work to save you the very most on your order, whether it be with a corporate discount or with free shipping, not to mention shipping discounts for gifts that ship to the same location! We are here to not only provide quality gift selections with many Corporate Basket options, but to save you as much money as possible! And with that, your management staff will look to you as the smartest person in the company!

Gifts for the Newborn Baby

Nine long months have passed and mom and dad have just brought home their new bundle of joy, a precious baby boy or baby girl! No matter if you know the new parents through work or they are close friends that live down the street, you want to be sure to send a gift of congratulations to share in the excitement. From personalized baby blankets to adorable diaper cakes, The Gift Basket Pros have the best selection of gifts available for honoring this momentous occasion.

If you happen to know the baby's name, then you must shop our Personalized Baby Gift Baskets, that offer a delightful collection of personalized plush blankets, baby bibs, hats and even tote bags, that will make special keepsakes as the little one starts his or her journey through the world. Mom and dad will be sure to take extra special care of anything that carries the baby's name so they can pass down to them later in life.

For a truly unique and special gift, a Radio Flyer Baby Gift always aims to please! These mini Radio Flyer wagons are constantly a huge hit with the new Baby Girl Stork Diaper Cakeparents that stand out from the normal gift basket. Each wagon is carefully put together with tender love and care and holds a wide assortment of necessities for the new baby. From the huggable teddy bear to the teether links, there is an array of items that will prove to be quit useful!

And for a distinctive and visually stunning gift, a beautiful Diaper Cake will deliver many smiles. Each and every diaper cake is made at the time of order by hand and adorned with bath necessities or plush stuffed animals for baby to enjoy. Diaper Cakes are ideal not for just when the new family arrives home, but also as centerpieces for baby showers.

With so many baby gifts to choose from you might ask yourself which one will make the perfect gift. Truth is, they will all make beautiful gifts and the new parents will be thrilled with whatever you decide to send them. After all, the real gift here is the cherished newborn that has just arrived.

Meaningful Appreciation Gifts

As a business professional, you meet with new clients to see if there is a possibility of working together in the future. You have your presentation nailed down perfectly and work to make a true connection. The meeting goes great, everyone shakes hands and heads back to their respective companies to digest if what you presented was enough to close the deal. This is where sending a Thank You gift as a sign of respect and gratitude comes in and could possibly be the deciding factor between the two companies working together or not.Corporate Party Snack Basket

So what makes the ideal appreciation gift? I believe it is one that speaks to the recipient's personality. If you know your potential client is a wine enthusiast, then it makes sense to send one of our charming Wine Gift Baskets with indulgent red or white wine nestled beside a variety of gourmet treats. For example, the With Gratitude Wine Basket includes a Cliffside Chardonnay Wine from the California vineyards along with an assortment of chocolates, savory crackers and tempting cookies. And the basket itself even adorns a "Thanks" tag that will truly show your appreciation.

If you know your future client has a bit of sweet tooth, then a gift full of rich delicious brownies and cookies will speak volumes. The Mrs. Fields Corporate Thank You Basket holds three dozen fresh baked mini cookies in an assortment of wonderful flavors. Also included are four hand-frosted butter cookies along with a custom "Thank You" ribbon that is carefully placed around the gift for an added touch. Sending appreciation has never been so sweet!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to showing appreciation to a potential client for sharing their time with you. Schedules are hectic these days and for someone to take the time to listen to your proposition, then you should show them that their time is valuable and very much appreciated. The Gift Basket Pros are always here to help you select the ideal gift for your next potential client, so that you can close the deal and move to the next acquisition.

Father's Day Gifts

Dad is a one of a kind special fella. He's always there to pick us up when we fall and he's always going to be honest, even when we don't want to hear it. From the time we are little all the way to when we have kids of our own, dad is going to be that person that we will always look up to and strive to be just like him. He is a truly unique role model and on Father's Day, he should be treated as such!

With Father's Day just around the corner, The Gift Basket Pros has a number of gift ideas that we would like to suggest as possible ways to show your love to dear old dad. From nuts to beer to cookies to golf, we have some outstanding Father's Day Gift Baskets selections that will put a big smile on dad's face. Speaking of nuts, the Nut and Chocolate Gift Box is sure to be a big hit for the man on your Father's Day list. This handsome box contains a whole host of nuts that he is Mrs. Fields Father's Day Gift Boxsure to fall in love with. We have included butter toffee pecans, smokehouse almonds, roasted salted pistachios, mixed nuts and chocolate-covered almonds and cashews. A must have gift for the nut lover!

For the beer loving dad that loves to pop the top off a cold one by the grill, we have the Father's Day Beer Basket. The name says it all, with five boutique beers such as Anchor Steam, Fat Tire and India Pale, we have also included smoked almonds, crunchy chips and salsa. This the the ultimate snack and beer treat for the dad that has everything. When you just don't know what to treat him with, a delicious assortment of beer and snacks is the only way to go.

And then we have the dad that loves his sweets. From chocolate to cookies, you just can't go wrong with a Mrs. Fields Father's Day Cookie Gift Box. You can send that wonderful dad of yours a "Happy Father's Day" themed tin that holds either 60 or 96 of Mrs. Fields very best freshly baked assorted mini cookies. Dad's sweet tooth will be satisfied and you will have earned major brownie points for giving him exactly what he wanted. And once all of the goodies are gone, he can utilize the keepsake tin for special mementos later on.

So now that you have a handful of great gift suggestions for sending to that wonderful father of yours, the hard part will be just picking the one you believe he will enjoy the most. But we all know, dad will love anything you send him because it came from you. Fathers are the very best and they should be told that everyday!

Memorial Day Party Ideas

Schools across the nation are winding down for the start of summer, and that means Memorial Day is just around the corner. You can celebrate the long standing and time-honored tradition of Memorial Day with friends and family as you reflect on the special meaning of this day, and the sacrifices of those brave men and women that paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Although we hang our American flags high in honor of our fallen military, we also fire up the grill, dust off the swim shorts, and invite lots of friends over for the ultimate cookout.

In my humble opinion, Memorial Day cookouts should be kept traditional in nature, with lots of red, white and blue decorations, burgers and hot dogs on the grill and simple drinks that are perfect for celebrating the occasion. For the invitations, you should Patriotic Summer Gift Basketstick with patriotic themes, perhaps with the American flag or simple stars and stripes and have fun with the wording. You can suggest wearing red, white and blue and bringing their favorite side dish or dessert. Guests can reply to online invitations stating what they will be bringing so you can keep a list.

For the drinks, you can make the adults a Red, White and Blue Sangria, and for the kids a Layered Patriotic Punch and use colorful straws for an added touch of fun. For the grill, you need to have lots of juicy burgers, chicken kabobs, corn on the cob and even some grilled pineapple! You can even set out a burger bar so the guests can pick and choose what they would like on their burger. And to wrap up this delicious meal, a patriotic berry trifle, frozen lemonade pie or or simple red, white and blue fruit cups will make excellent dessert options.

As a way to show your appreciation to your host, you can always take along our Patriotic Summer Gift Basket that is filled with all of the necessities for an incredible dessert offering. Included are three different flavored ice cream toppings, chocolate sprinkles, sugar cones and even a couple of American flags! This is the ultimate way to show your American pride and thanks at the same time for throwing such an incredible Memorial Day party!

Easy Summer Cocktails for Backyard Barbecues

School is coming to an end, the days are longer, the weather is warmer and all we can think about is spending long and lazy weekends by the pool with our closest friends! With the aroma of fresh cut grass and neighbors carefully unloading their new grills, our thoughts immediately turn to when can we have the gang over for an afternoon of fun. You of course load the grill with huge burgers, juicy chicken, T-bone steaks and an assortment of vegetables, but what to serve to drink? My advice, keep it simple.

For all of the men who rule the grill at their house, there is probably nothing more necessary than a spatula in one hand a cold beer in the other. Sure, you can indulge in the summer favorites like Corona, Samuel Adams Summer Ale and good old Bud Light with Lime, but how about something a bit more refreshing like a Mike's Hard Lemonade. The flavors are delicious and crisp are would make an excellent addition to the summer barbecue cooler.

For a truly refreshing summertime drink, you can't go wrong with a white or rose wine. However it is crucial to ensure your wine is properly chilled for Spring Wine Gift Basketat least 30 minutes prior to serving. A light sweet Moscato or a fruity and vibrant California Chardonnay would fit the occasion perfectly as both are light-bodied and slightly sweet, and that makes for a perfect afternoon on an inflatable raft!

And lastly, a refreshing cold picture of Sangria made with red, white or pink wine and a whole host of fresh fruits will make any backyard barbecue one to remember. Crisp white wines such as Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc make the ideal companions to sliced strawberries, oranges, blueberries or peaches. You could even treat your barbecue host to a Chardonnay Gourmet Gift Basket as a way to show your appreciation for their invitation, plus you would be prepared with additional snacks!

The grilling season is upon us, it's up to you now on how to celebrate and what to serve, but hopefully the suggestions above will give you an idea as to how to get started. Enjoy all that summer offers with an invigorating drink as you grill till your heart is content!