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Birthday Gifts for Her

It always seems to be a bit more simplistic to purchase a birthday gift for women than for men. However, when it comes to purchasing a gift for a special lady in your life, there are so many more options to choose from. Would she prefer chocolate or something spa themed instead? Well no worries, we have a few great options below to help you decide when it comes to our wide selection of Birthday Gift Baskets.

For those chocolate obsessed, sending a Godiva Birthday Celebration Chocolate Basket will make her day! This beautiful and elegant gift holds an assortment of Godiva's best including chocolate truffles, chocolate-covered pretzels and chocolate bar, along with festive birthday ribbon that will make her feel like a million bucks! Godiva is the ideal go-to gift when it comes to quality chocolates.Godiva Birthday Celebration Chocolate Basket

And for those ladies that love a tall glass of wine and a relaxing afternoon at the spa, then the Tranquil Spa and Wine Basket is what she will love! From birthday's for mom to your little sister and your best friend, this relaxing gift will make her day joyous. Included are two Rock Falls Vineyards wines in addition to mango mandarin scented bath and body products, perfect for enjoying on a Saturday afternoon. This luxurious gift will deliver a pampering glow from ear to ear.

The third suggestion is a mouth-watering collection of fresh from the orchard fruits we call the Happy Birthday Fruit Basket. This selection of freshly picked apples, pears and oranges is the perfect gift for the health minded woman. With a festive Happy Birthday ribbon, this succulent gift will make any mom, daughter, sister, aunt or family friend so very excited to receive it!

We treasure the wonderful women in our lives and should honor them on their special day, and can do just that with a beautiful and fun-filled gift by The Gift Basket Pros!

Birthday Gifts for Him

As the special men in our lives get closer to turning another year older, we often start to worry about finding the perfect gift. What will he like, what are his favorite hobbies, what will be meaningful to him? The answer to those questions is truly quite simple, a gift basket! Yes, a good old fashioned gift basket full of sweet and salty treats that will bring a smile to his face from ear to ear. So now you know a gift basket will make the perfect gift, but what kind? This is where the fun begins, deciding on the ideal gift that will make his birthday extra special.

When it comes to selecting a Birthday Gift Basket for him, there are certainly many choices you have. Generally, most guys like cookies and brownies, and if you are not a baker, then sending a Mrs. Fields Happy Birthday Tin will make the perfect gift. There are a variety of sizes to choose from and who doesn't love a delicious chocolate chip cookie anyway?

Some guys love to play the pastime of golf, and we have you covered there too. Our Gourmet Wine Golf Basketallows you to choose between a All Occasion Beer and Wine BasketMerlot or Chardonnay wine, and comes with a whole host of goodies such as crackers, cheese, gourmet mustard, smoked salame, pretzel nuggets and even a cutting board! He is sure to tote this along on his next golfing trip as the golf bag cooler will hold all of these amazing snacks to keep him fueled. By sending gourmet snacks, wine and a golf cooler you may have just scored your very own ace in the hole!

Then there are men that love a beer. If the workday was long, they just might like to come home and relax with their special brew and what better way to help them unwind on their birthday than with a gift that provides multiple beer options! The All Occasion Beer and Wine Basket is a handsome container that boasts not only a Cabernet wine, but also six boutique beers that he may have never tried before. From the traditional Budweiser to a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, this gift along with a variety of snacking treats is guaranteed to make his birthday extra special.

So as you can see just a few of the options above, sending a gift to a special guy friend, father, son, brother, uncle or even a co-worker, has never been so much fun. With so many great gift options to choose from, you are sure to make his special day one to remember!

Mother's Day Celebrations

All across the world mothers everywhere are treated extra special on one day of the year. In the United States we send beautiful Mother's Day Gift Baskets, flowers full of colorful blooms, take over the chores for the day, and generally even treat her to a special meal. But that makes me wonder, how are mothers shown across the world just how exceptional they are?

In the United Kingdom, Mother's Day is known as Mothering Sunday, where families join together to celebrate moms and other mothering figures like step-mothers, grandmothers and mother-in-laws. These special ladies are showered with greeting cards, chocolate gifts and flowers. This day is routinely observed on the Fourth Sunday of Lent, however the fast that is observed during Lent was lifted so mom's everywhere could enjoy the abundance of sweets that are showered upon them.

Spring Wine Gift Basket

In the neighboring country of Mexico, this day has become known as an observance instead of a public holiday. As with other countries, children will shower their special mothers and mother figures with flowers, chocolates and other gifts that show her how appreciated she is.

For the mother's in France, much like the United States, gifts of flowers, cards, cakes and handmade gifts are showered upon mom as a show of love and recognition. Families will gather around the table and host a huge meal or celebratory lunch and devour multiple courses including elaborate toasts and honoring mom with her most favorite dessert.

One common theme stands true, no matter what country you are in, around the world we recognize moms and special mother-like figures as the glue that holds our families together. And year after year, we will continue to show those beautiful ladies just how important they are to our lives. From a Sunday brunch to a gift full of special treats, showing them we care is tradition that spans the globe.

Giant Cookie Gifts For All Occasions

Have you ever wanted to say something in a big way that is guaranteed to make an impression? Have you wanted to treat someone to something that they would remember for a very long time? Then do we have an idea for you! Head over to our Cookie Gift Baskets store and hand pick your thoughtful gesture with a Mrs. Fields giant cookie cake. Made with the finest quality ingredients like pure vanilla, real creamy butter and fresh whole eggs, your recipient will devour this unique treat without question.

These scrumptious cookie gifts are available in a whole host of flavors including Chocolate Chip with or without nuts, Peanut Butter, Triple Chocolate, Cinnamon Sugar, White Chocolate and Macadamia Nut and last but not least, Oatmeal Raisin with Walnuts. They are 12" round and can be gobbled up with a fork on a plate or right out of the box with a tall glass of milk. And did we mention they are equal to fourteen regular sized cookies? We are talking mouthwatering and plenty of it!

Deliciousness also comes in a collection of thoughtful and practical themes. Know someone celebrating an important birthday? Then the Mrs. Fields Thank You CookieHappy Birthday Cookie Cake will make the occasion extra special. How about when you need to send a gift to a deserving recipient for a job well done such as completing a big project or when your college student passes their exams with flying colors, then the Mrs. Fields Great Job Cookie is just what is called for! Other themes include Get Well, Happy Anniversary and Congratulations.

So now you know that a giant mouth-watering cookie gift is available, what are you waiting for? Stop by and pick out the perfect cookie theme, enter your recipient's address details, create a thoughtful gift card message and sit back and relax knowing you just brighten someone's day. Job well done! Now, someone should treat you to a giant cookie cake for being so considerate!

Gifts with Free Shipping!

Soothing spa gift baskets, thoughtful thank you gifts, bountiful birthday treats and world class wine gifts are just a few of the gift ideas waiting for you, all with Free Shipping! The Gift Basket Pros are a leader in gift design and customer service, and we have hand picked a large number of exceptional gifts just waiting to be sent to brighten their day. Generally only online stores provide free shipping during the rush of the holiday season, however we have an abundant variety of gift baskets available with free shipping year round.

Although we still provide incredible discounts all throughout our store, free shipping is the icing on the cake when it comes to gift giving. If you plan ahead, sending someone a Birthday Cookies Gift Box at a phenomenal price, including free shipping, will not only make their day, but will make yours too! This treat contains a bakers dozen assorted cookies and with free shipping, your task of selecting the perfect birthday gift can now be checked off of your to do list. Who doesn't like cookies?

With Gratitude Wine BasketIs wine your preference? Then gifting the With Gratitude Wine Basket is the ideal choice. This abundant gift contains a Cliffside Cabernet Wine with a whole host of gourmet goodies including cookies, cheese, crackers, Godiva chocolates and so much more. And what is the price for shipping? Zero! You can send this handsome choice to whomever you choose and not pay one cent for ground shipping.

So as you can see, with over seventy different gifts available with free shipping, and more to be added very soon, sending a beautiful gift for a special occasion will not only make you feel good, but will make your wallet happy as well. The days of paying grand amounts for shipping are behind us as we provide this to our customers all throughout the year. With so many different occasions and reasons for sending a gift, we have the select item just waiting.

The History of Mothers Day

As we move past Easter into the warmer spring days, each year our thoughts turn to setting aside one special day to show gratitude and appreciation to our mothers.Elegant Mother's Day Gift BasketWe send lovely, heartfelt cards, bouquets of lavish flowers and gifts abundant with treats, so we can show her just how extraordinary she is. Although Mother's Day is celebrated in many different ways across the world, the history of this iconic day still represents its original meaning.

Dating back to the 1900's, the determined efforts of Anna Jarvis to honor her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, was successful with a little help. After her mother passed away, Anna wanted to create a day that showed acknowledgement and gratitude for all of the efforts and sacrifices that mother's everywhere took upon themselves for their children. With some help by a Philadelphia department store owner, John Wanamaker, in May 1908, she coordinated a celebration at a Methodist church in West Virginia that celebrated all mothers, and that day became the first official Mother's Day.

Due to her efforts to continue this new tradition, Anna resolved to add this day to the national calendar, which at the time were predisposed to celebrating the accomplishments of men. In 1914, President Wilson signed an order officially commencing that the second Sunday of May, would from then on be celebrated as Mother's Day.

Although originally starting out as a personal event for families to celebrate, the involvement of florists and greeting card companies soon jumped into the mix. After years of disgust at how the holiday had become so commercialized and companies were simply looking to make a profit, she began a life long campaign speaking out against those who looked to simply make money and bypass the true meaning of this special day. By the time she died in 1948, Anna had completely disavowed Mother's Day altogether and actually worked to have the holiday removed from the calendar.

In today's times, we still send our mother's beautiful and creative gifts, cards, flowers and Mother's Day Gift Baskets that show we care. It has become one of the most popular holidays in terms of spending. Many families will treat mom extra special, maybe by taking her out to lunch instead of expecting her to cook, or assisting in chores around the house while she relaxes in a nice long bath. What special treat will you shower upon your mother this Mother's Day?

Healthy Gift Ideas

When it comes to gift giving, selecting the ideal gift is generally based on something that the recipient is passionate about, or views as an important part of their life.  However selecting that ideal gift that will prompt them to tell all of their friends about it for weeks on end can be tough to do, especially if you aren't completely familiar with the inner day to day workings of their life, such as a close friend or family member.  Nonetheless, if you know that they are living a healthy lifestyle, then your task of selecting a gift just became much easier.  

Generally All Occasion Fruit Basketmost think of healthy foods as bland and tasteless, but I am here to tell you, eating balanced and healthy has never been easier and more delicious to do!  For example, if you were to send someone a gift much like the Fruit and Nut Gift Box, you just might receive rave reviews that this was the perfect gift!  This healthful gift contains lusciously sweet apples, which we all know are one of nature's best bounties.  It also boasts roasted cashews that are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants not to mention they are incredibly low in fat, and lastly chocolate-covered cherries.  Cherries have been long known to provide antioxidant protection, promote a healthy sleep and ease joint pain!  And you might be asking yourself, how in the world is chocolate healthy?  Chocolate actually can lower heart disease, lower blood pressure and scientists at Harvard Medical School have published a study on the health benefits of chocolate finding that an extract of cocoa called the "lavado" may actually reduce damage to nerve pathways when Alzheimer's disease has been diagnosed.  Now does that mean you go out and devour 10 chocolate bars?  Of course not, but in small batches such as this gift, we would venture to say it's very safe.

Other healthy gift baskets might include a basket full of organic favorites such as organic jerky, almonds and dried strawberries.  A basket overflowing with fresh ripe fruits, or a Nut Box that contains an assortment of heart healthy nuts including almonds, pistachios and cashews.  So as you can see, when it comes to sending a gift of a healthy nature, mouthwatering wholesome foods are definitely available and ready to make someone's day bright.  From personal gifts such as happy birthday gift baskets to a simply "Thank You", healthy doesn't have to be boring.

Three Distinctive Housewarming Gifts

It is always exciting when a close friend or family member is able to share their new home with those near and dear to them. However finding the perfect gift in honor of this memorable occasion might cause you some frustration. No worries, The Gift Basket Pros have the ideal gifts for that picky recipient.

Wine is the obvious first choice. No matter if they have an existing wine collection or you will be popping the cork during the housewarming party, a lovely Moscato Wine Basket will make a welcome surprise. In addition to the wine, a host of gourmet snack treats will make an impressive addition to the nights bounty of appetizers. And a little extra bonus, the gift container will make for a lovely decorative piece once empty!

The second recommendation is a mini tool kit. When we move into a new home we are constantly making trips to the local hardware store, picking up essentials that we have discovered we now need to put together that huge armoire or hang pieces of art. A simple kit made of measuring tape, level, screwdriver set, extension cords, nails, etc., can make for one of the most beloved gifts we could receive. You can even place all materials inside of an inexpensive tool box with a pair of kitchen towels for a decorative touch. You will be amazed at how often they refer to that fabulous offering!

Gourmet Cutting Board Gift

And lastly, a Gourmet Cutting Board gift will be the essential item for those parties where hors d'oeuvre and finger foods will be served. Friends can share the assortment of gourmet snacks like salame, cocktail almonds, spicy mustard and more, all atop of a wooden cutting board. You might even include a lovely scented candle and wine opener as an extra special touch.  Selecting a housewarming gift basket has never been easier!

Moving can be tough, but once they are settled and off to their new start, the perfect gift can make adjusting to their new surroundings so much fun. Your hosts will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness!