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Cookie Gift Bouquets

There are many occasions for sending a gift to someone deserving. You may need to send a thank you gift to a neighbor for pet sitting while you were out of town. You might need to send a work colleague a get well gift if they will be out of the office recuperating for a period of time. Know a little boy or girl celebrating a birthday soon? Then an Get Well Flower Cookie Bouquetadorable birthday gift is the obvious answer! But you might wonder what to send. Flowers? A card? How about a delicious mouth watering cookie bouquet!

For each special moment, there is a delightful and enticing Cookie Gift Bouquet just waiting to be shared, or not shared! Each tempting bouquet contains either 6 or 9 hand- decorated shortbread cookies and measures 4-5" across! All cookies are carefully individually wrapped to maintain freshness and bonus, they are OU Kosher Certified! They look great, they tastes great, and are carefully packaged to make a unique and one of a kind gesture.

For the sports nut, send the Sports Birthday Cookie Bouquet that is a fun mixture of footballs, baseballs, soccer balls and basketballs. For the best friend just out of the hospital, send the Get Well Flower Cookie Bouquet, for your little nephew's birthday, send the Happy Birthday Dinosaur Bouquet. As you can see, there are a range of gift options available along with new additional holiday gifts on the way soon. So make someone's day even better, you won't be disappointed!

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