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A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

In today's world, we are hearing on the news almost daily about violence, hate and evil entities that are out to harm us in one way or another. And for me personally, I am sick of feeling afraid to walk out of my front door for fear of what is lurking around the corner. I am going to change the way I act to others and encourage you to do the same. Let's treat each other with a little more respect, kindness, compassion and understanding of opposing views. Let's get back to being one nation instead of feeling divided and afraid.

One simple way I am going to change the world for the better is saying hello to someone I might not have spoken to before. Instead of keeping my Mrs. Fields Sunshine Cookie Totehead down and walking past, I will simply acknowledge and say "hello"! You never know how someone's day may have gone from bad to worse, and a simple smile and kind gesture could be the small difference to turn their day around. We just don't know the other person's circumstances and a small smile could in turn prompt them to do the same.

I am also going to reach out to those closest to me more often. If it is a text message or email exchange, or even picking up the phone to hear their voice, I want my friends and family to know they are important and loved and not forgotten. Something as simple as a Mrs. Fields Sunshine Cookie Tote will remind them that they are being thought of and will be sure to deliver a big smile. A gesture such as sending a small gift can make all the difference when it comes to showing someone you care.

Sending gift baskets is one sure way to spread happiness through today's crumbling chaos, but you might have another way that suits your personality better. Making a batch of cookies for a neighbor, thanking your local policeman for their service, or purchasing the cup of coffee for the person in line with you at your local coffee shop, there are so many small ways to show kindness and it is upon our shoulders more than ever to take a stand and make a difference! This world needs more kindness and it is up to us to see this change through.

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