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Three Distinctive Housewarming Gifts

It is always exciting when a close friend or family member is able to share their new home with those near and dear to them. However finding the perfect gift in honor of this memorable occasion might cause you some frustration. No worries, The Gift Basket Pros have the ideal gifts for that picky recipient.

Wine is the obvious first choice. No matter if they have an existing wine collection or you will be popping the cork during the housewarming party, a lovely Moscato Wine Basket will make a welcome surprise. In addition to the wine, a host of gourmet snack treats will make an impressive addition to the nights bounty of appetizers. And a little extra bonus, the gift container will make for a lovely decorative piece once empty!

The second recommendation is a mini tool kit. When we move into a new home we are constantly making trips to the local hardware store, picking up essentials that we have discovered we now need to put together that huge armoire or hang pieces of art. A simple kit made of measuring tape, level, screwdriver set, extension cords, nails, etc., can make for one of the most beloved gifts we could receive. You can even place all materials inside of an inexpensive tool box with a pair of kitchen towels for a decorative touch. You will be amazed at how often they refer to that fabulous offering!

Gourmet Cutting Board Gift

And lastly, a Gourmet Cutting Board gift will be the essential item for those parties where hors d'oeuvre and finger foods will be served. Friends can share the assortment of gourmet snacks like salame, cocktail almonds, spicy mustard and more, all atop of a wooden cutting board. You might even include a lovely scented candle and wine opener as an extra special touch.  Selecting a housewarming gift basket has never been easier!

Moving can be tough, but once they are settled and off to their new start, the perfect gift can make adjusting to their new surroundings so much fun. Your hosts will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness!

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