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Healthy Gift Ideas

When it comes to gift giving, selecting the ideal gift is generally based on something that the recipient is passionate about, or views as an important part of their life.  However selecting that ideal gift that will prompt them to tell all of their friends about it for weeks on end can be tough to do, especially if you aren't completely familiar with the inner day to day workings of their life, such as a close friend or family member.  Nonetheless, if you know that they are living a healthy lifestyle, then your task of selecting a gift just became much easier.  

Generally All Occasion Fruit Basketmost think of healthy foods as bland and tasteless, but I am here to tell you, eating balanced and healthy has never been easier and more delicious to do!  For example, if you were to send someone a gift much like the Fruit and Nut Gift Box, you just might receive rave reviews that this was the perfect gift!  This healthful gift contains lusciously sweet apples, which we all know are one of nature's best bounties.  It also boasts roasted cashews that are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants not to mention they are incredibly low in fat, and lastly chocolate-covered cherries.  Cherries have been long known to provide antioxidant protection, promote a healthy sleep and ease joint pain!  And you might be asking yourself, how in the world is chocolate healthy?  Chocolate actually can lower heart disease, lower blood pressure and scientists at Harvard Medical School have published a study on the health benefits of chocolate finding that an extract of cocoa called the "lavado" may actually reduce damage to nerve pathways when Alzheimer's disease has been diagnosed.  Now does that mean you go out and devour 10 chocolate bars?  Of course not, but in small batches such as this gift, we would venture to say it's very safe.

Other healthy gift baskets might include a basket full of organic favorites such as organic jerky, almonds and dried strawberries.  A basket overflowing with fresh ripe fruits, or a Nut Box that contains an assortment of heart healthy nuts including almonds, pistachios and cashews.  So as you can see, when it comes to sending a gift of a healthy nature, mouthwatering wholesome foods are definitely available and ready to make someone's day bright.  From personal gifts such as happy birthday gift baskets to a simply "Thank You", healthy doesn't have to be boring.

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