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Mother's Day Celebrations

All across the world mothers everywhere are treated extra special on one day of the year. In the United States we send beautiful Mother's Day Gift Baskets, flowers full of colorful blooms, take over the chores for the day, and generally even treat her to a special meal. But that makes me wonder, how are mothers shown across the world just how exceptional they are?

In the United Kingdom, Mother's Day is known as Mothering Sunday, where families join together to celebrate moms and other mothering figures like step-mothers, grandmothers and mother-in-laws. These special ladies are showered with greeting cards, chocolate gifts and flowers. This day is routinely observed on the Fourth Sunday of Lent, however the fast that is observed during Lent was lifted so mom's everywhere could enjoy the abundance of sweets that are showered upon them.

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In the neighboring country of Mexico, this day has become known as an observance instead of a public holiday. As with other countries, children will shower their special mothers and mother figures with flowers, chocolates and other gifts that show her how appreciated she is.

For the mother's in France, much like the United States, gifts of flowers, cards, cakes and handmade gifts are showered upon mom as a show of love and recognition. Families will gather around the table and host a huge meal or celebratory lunch and devour multiple courses including elaborate toasts and honoring mom with her most favorite dessert.

One common theme stands true, no matter what country you are in, around the world we recognize moms and special mother-like figures as the glue that holds our families together. And year after year, we will continue to show those beautiful ladies just how important they are to our lives. From a Sunday brunch to a gift full of special treats, showing them we care is tradition that spans the globe.

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