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Sending a Sympathy Gift

Finding the right words to say during a time of grieving can often be difficult, but making a gesture of any kind is a step in the right direction for healing to begin. No matter if the loss is a family member or close friend, the loss of someone special can take years for many to overcome. The memories that have been made over the long years all come rushing back and seem just like they happened yesterday. We wish so desperately that we could have just one more opportunity to say "I love you" or to share a hug, but that time has passed and all that are left are those memories.

Often, a sympathy card is sent to help ease the pain, which is great, but then a stack of cards end up in a drawer that just become hard to look at. Instead, send a gift that will allow those left behind to snack during this difficult time as eating is one of the last things many want to do. Obviously cooking meals will not be a priority, so a basket full of fresh fruits for nourishment or crackers with cheese would make great options that many could Mrs. Fields Sympathy Mini Cookie Basketshare as those grieving come in and out of the home for visits. For example, the Sympathy Gift Basket incorporates a hearty selection of snack treats such as biscotti, almonds, cookies, tea and so much more, which will make a practical gesture. Also included is a "Healing after Loss" book that will provide inspiring words of comfort.

A more natural and healthy choice would be the With Sympathy Fruit Gift Basket. A handsome basket holds a number of farm fresh fruits such as pears, apples and oranges that can be a welcome gesture when so many are bringing heavy casseroles. A basket of fresh fruit will help aid the nutrients and vitamins needed during this difficult time. An elegant "With Sympathy" ribbon will also be included at no additional cost.

The Gift Basket Pros offer a variety of sympathy and bereavement gifts for family and friends when you need to send a special heartfelt message. There is no more difficult time than the loss of a loved one, and your generosity and thoughtfulness is sure to help mend the broken hearts that are so deeply wounded.

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