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When it comes to social media platforms, The Gift Basket Pros are constantly looking for new ways to stay in touch with our customers. It's so important in our world of technology to let you know when new gifts are available, when you can save big with specials or shipping promotions, or just to keep you updated with what we are liking these days. And the perfect platform to do just that is with Pinterest!

Through our Pinterest page, The Gift Basket Pros are able to share an assortment of visual gifts and related topics that are not only fun but informative. For example, on our Gifts On Sale board, we are constantly updating with gifts that have just been marked down. For all types of occasions like baby or wine, you are sure to find a great deal! We also update a Free Shipping board with all gifts where free ground shipping is available, again, for a whole host of gifting occasions.

If you are a wine lover, you will want to be sure to follow our Wine Gift Baskets board. Here we showcase our best selling wine gifts from chardonnay Follow us on Pinterest!to merlot that make perfect personal or corporate gifts. You will also want to follow and stay up to date with our other boards that are similar to wine, but more social in nature like our Food and Wine Pairings and Drinks & Cocktails boards. We even have a For the Love of Wine board that showcases beautiful bottles and glasses of wine in different settings. An appreciation for wine is one that is developed over time!

In celebration of everything chocolate you would want to follow our Chocolate Gifts board along with a massive collection of chocolate recipes on our Chocolate Bliss board. Here you will stay current with recipes for brownies, cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, pies, and every other chocolate delight your heart desires! Although we haven't baked everything on this board, we are confident that you will find some new favorite chocolate recipes!

With so many gift occasions and holidays, we are confident that you will find everything on our Pinterest board fun and entertaining. You will stay up to date with all new gift designs and hopefully have some fun along the way. Check us out on Pinterest and become a new follower today!

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