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Early Signs of Fall

It's that time of year when many big box stores line their shelves with holiday decor and Christmas trees that are so large they are hard to miss! The first cool down of the summer season may have hit, and school bus drivers are practicing their routes on a daily basis, it is officially back to school time. As we slowly start the gradual transition into fall, it's fun to take a moment to think about all of those fun and exciting moments that lie ahead.

You first need to acknowledge the young student headed off perhaps for the first time, looking forward to making new friends and learning something new Mrs. Fields® School Cookie Basketeveryday. Grandparents and friends are all but too excited to treat those future doctors and lawyers to an exciting gift that will have them motivated to head out of the door and soak up every ounce of learning they can. The Mrs. Fields School Cookie Basket is a scrumptious basket full of fresh baked cookies along with apple-shaped butter cookies made just for the young student!

Next up in the long list of all things fall are a few of our favorite traditional fall celebrations that we love to experience each year. It goes without saying you must try a new pumpkin inspired recipe, from baked goods to stews, there are tons of them to choose from. Along with baking pumpkin pies, you also must pick out as many pumpkins as possible for decorating your home! From inside on the mantel to outside on the porch, decorating with pumpkins is a sure way to catch the fall spirit. And while picking out your pumpkins, don't forget to enjoy a big cup of hot apple cider wrapped in your super comfy scarf!

In addition to the wonderful fall feeling we so love each year, we can't forget about early preparation for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Selecting the ideal Halloween costume for a night of spooky fun is a must as soon as the air begins to cool down. And don't forget to also put some early preparation into preparing your Thanksgiving gift basket list for all of your clients and customers! This time of year sneaks up very quickly and early establishment of your list will make all the difference!

From baking homemade pies to purchasing a brand new cardigan and everything cool weather inspired, the fall season is a magical time of year that we look forward to as the heat of summer is upon us. Enjoy that caramel apple, light a cinnamon scented candle, watch a football game and most of all, enjoy the beauty of the changing season because before we know it, summer will be here again!

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