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Grandparents Day

Did you know that each year on the first Sunday after Labor Day, there is a day created specifically just to celebrate grandparents? This day was was not originated as a means to sell more greeting cards and roses by the dozens, but simply meant to be a tribute to all grandparents and those that provide generational values to the family unit. This day was also created not only to recognize all that our elders have accomplished over the years, but for the younger generation to truly learn the strength and guidance that their wisdom offers.

This grassroots effort began back in 1970 when Lucille McQuade, who was an advocate for the elderly, worked with local businesses and church leaders in her community to observe one day as a day dedicated to grandparents. In 1979 her persistence and determination paid off as President Jimmy Carter Mrs. Fields® Cookie Gift Basketproclaimed National Grandparents Day to be held on the first Sunday after Labor Day. Interestingly, September was selected to represent the "autumn" or golden years of life.

Although Mother's Day and Father's Day is meant to be more commercialized, Grandparents Day is simply a day to unite the generations, where the young learn from the old and the family is able to come together and serve the purpose of connection and bonding. Children are able to demonstrate their love and appreciation towards their grandparents and other older friends of family and community members. And although gifts are not the meaning behind this special day, grandma and grandpa would probably not refuse a delicious gift such as the Mrs. Fields Cookie Gift Basket! We all know that grandparents love to share and this sweet treat would be shared with everyone!

So on this special holiday set aside for our cherished elderly and the young at heart, show them you truly do appreciate their life experiences, their dedication to family and the generational insight that they provide. We need to learn all from them that we can to continue the legacy they have left for us.

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