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The History of St. Patrick’s Day

On March 17th of each year a time honored tradition of wearing green, consuming lots of beer and attending one of many Irish parades across the United States is shared by many Irish Americans. Dating back to 1762, Irish soldiers serving in the English military proudly marched through the streets of New York City, reconnecting with their fellow Irishmen also serving in the army as well as reconnecting with their beloved Irish roots. But many wonder why is this day of celebration called St. Patrick's Day?

This festive holiday actually began as a religious feast day, a celebration of the death of Saint Patrick, who was the patron saint and Happy St. Patrick's Day Cookie Tinnational apostle of Ireland. Born in Roman Britain, the Saint was kidnapped and forced to migrate to Ireland as a slave. He eventually escaped, but later returned to Ireland and was recognized as the person who introduced Christianity to the Irish people. Interestingly, he was later ingrained in the Irish culture even further as legend states he was famous for explaining the Holy Trinity with the use of a three leaf clover, also known as the shamrock. Around the 10th century, the Irish people began observing March 17th as the Roman Catholic celebration day of St. Patrick, which is also the day that historianbelieve he died. As the decades have passed, the observance of St. Patrick's Day has evolved into a modern day phenomenon with parties and festivals occurring around the world. Rivers are dyed green, large quantities of beer are consumed and everyone loves to celebrate the Irish legend, even if they aren't Irish!

So in honor of the Saint Patrick, share in the fun with a gift full of shamrock cookies like the Mrs. Fields Shamrock Cookie Gift or the Happy St. Patrick's Day Cookie Tin, full of Irish cheer. The Gift Basket Pros are excited to celebrate in the observance of this classic celebration, and hope that you will too!

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