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Fourth of July Party Activities

The time for celebrating the independence of our great country is right around the corner and with that celebration comes a host of fun summer activities that we love to take part in each year. Most families that are fortunate to have a pool will hosts a backyard pool party complete with hamburgers, hot dogs, apple pie and fun summer drinks, but don't fear if you don't have a pool, because there are a ton of ways to enjoy this patriotic celebration right in your own back yard or neighborhood park!

One of the more active activities could include a 4th of July Scavenger Hunt! You could hide festive patriotic items such as something red, something white, something blue, a picture of a president, a firework, an American flag, a star, a stripe, and so many other fun and creative ideas that you could include! Ideal for both indoors and outdoors, a game such a scavenger hunt could be fun for all ages.

Another inexpensive and super fun activity for the backyard barbecue could be stars and stripes Tic Tac Toe! Simply decorate wooden X's and O's purchased at any craft store, Mrs. Fields Patriotic Cookie Basketpaint them red and blue, and then get creative! You could simply attach sticky stars to one set of letters and sticky lines to the other set of letters, and with a simple piece of yarn as the board, you then have the best outdoor game of Tic Tac Toe imaginable!

And to top off the fun filled day of swimming and backyard fun, everyone can enjoy their very own 4th of July pinata balloon! Simply gather red, white and blue balloons with a host of craft store trinkets such as patriotic wrapped candies, bracelets, necklaces, stickers, or whatever else comes to mind. From here cut off the top of a large plastic bottle to use as a funnel and stretch the balloon over the funnel and add in the treats. Blow the balloons up with air and tie a colorful ribbon around the end and hang them from a tree, or even inside for indoor activities. Your guests can use a toothpick to pop the balloon and have a reminder of the day with all of the goodies inside!

With so many fun and creative ways to host a party, don't forget to take the host a gift suited for the day! The Mrs. Fields Patriotic Cookie Basket is filled with fresh baked delicious treats along with hand frosted star shaped cookies, perfect for your backyard celebration! Enjoy the party well into the evening as we celebrate this day of freedom for our country! Happy Birthday America!

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