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Memorial Day Celebration Ideas

Memorial Day, the meaning has changed over the years as times have modernized, but the true reflection of this day lies with those men and women that laid their lives down for the ultimate price, freedom for our country. Although this long three day weekend generally symbolizes the start of summer with backyard pool parties, baseball games and beach outings, we must remember that the true meaning of this day stems back to 1971 when congress passed resolution to celebrate May 30 as the first official Memorial Day. Prior to that and dating back to the Civil War, a holiday was created to observe the fallen on May 30, then known as Decoration Day. Friends and family would decorate the graves of those brave soldiers with flowers as a yearly memorial of their sacrifice.

Just after the Civil War, divide occurred when the north and south didn't exactly see eye to eye in regards to honoring each other's soldiers, however Mrs. Fields American Cookie Gift Boxafter World War I, our great nation came together. We bonded in the same cause in that a soldier is a soldier, no matter what part of the country they originated from. And today we honor and remember all fallen soldiers in all forms of battle that defined what it means to be an American. We celebrate on the last Monday of May with festive parades and celebrations and hang our American flags high as a tribute to all of the brave men and women that gave their lives for our freedom.

For those that do celebrate with barbecues and family pool parties, not only can you show your respect and admiration for the fallen military, but you can have some fun while doing it. The Mrs. Fields American Cookie Gift Box will make the perfect patriotic gift basket to take to your host as a small way of showing your appreciation for inviting you to such a longstanding celebration of freedom. Or the Patriotic Summer Gift Basket full of ice cream toppings for watching fireworks late into the evening. No matter your preference, a gift of American pride to share with all of your friends and family will just enhance the patriotism we feel in our hearts as we observe Memorial Day.

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