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Cookie Gifts Make the Perfect Gift

When it comes to holidays and special occasions, there is no better universal gift to send than the gift of fresh baked cookies. That warm from the oven taste just can't be beat, no matter how hard you try. The Gift Basket Pros are proud to offer a wide assortment of cookie gifts for different events and life's celebrations that a greeting card is just not capable of doing.

Mrs. Fields With Sympathy Cookie Gift BasketFor Birthday's, there are many different Birthday Gift Baskets that you can choose from, however the treat of sharing such sweet treats like Cinnamon Sugar cookies, Triple Chocolate cookies and Peanut Butter cookies, just can't be beat! The Mrs. Fields Birthday Cookie Gift Tin is a great example of celebrating the occasion with a festive and delicious treat! From the young to the young at heart, a birthday treat full of fresh baked feeling is sure to make someone's day bright.

Another suitable occasion for sending a cookie gift is for a sympathy gift. Often we just don't know what to say or how to act around someone grieving, but sharing your condolences through a gift of tasteful cookies is just one way to show you care. The Mrs. Fields With Sympathy Cookie Gift Basket is a beautiful and thoughtful gift that will send you warmest condolences during a very difficult time.

From Congratulations to Graduation to Christmas to Mother's Day, sending the gift of mouthwatering sweet treats is guaranteed to deliver big smiles to someone deserving. Though there are many unique situations we experience throughout the year, sending the gift of enticing cookies is an assured means to sharing happiness and generosity to someone special!

The History of St. Patrick’s Day

On March 17th of each year a time honored tradition of wearing green, consuming lots of beer and attending one of many Irish parades across the United States is shared by many Irish Americans. Dating back to 1762, Irish soldiers serving in the English military proudly marched through the streets of New York City, reconnecting with their fellow Irishmen also serving in the army as well as reconnecting with their beloved Irish roots. But many wonder why is this day of celebration called St. Patrick's Day?

This festive holiday actually began as a religious feast day, a celebration of the death of Saint Patrick, who was the patron saint and Happy St. Patrick's Day Cookie Tinnational apostle of Ireland. Born in Roman Britain, the Saint was kidnapped and forced to migrate to Ireland as a slave. He eventually escaped, but later returned to Ireland and was recognized as the person who introduced Christianity to the Irish people. Interestingly, he was later ingrained in the Irish culture even further as legend states he was famous for explaining the Holy Trinity with the use of a three leaf clover, also known as the shamrock. Around the 10th century, the Irish people began observing March 17th as the Roman Catholic celebration day of St. Patrick, which is also the day that historianbelieve he died. As the decades have passed, the observance of St. Patrick's Day has evolved into a modern day phenomenon with parties and festivals occurring around the world. Rivers are dyed green, large quantities of beer are consumed and everyone loves to celebrate the Irish legend, even if they aren't Irish!

So in honor of the Saint Patrick, share in the fun with a gift full of shamrock cookies like the Mrs. Fields Shamrock Cookie Gift or the Happy St. Patrick's Day Cookie Tin, full of Irish cheer. The Gift Basket Pros are excited to celebrate in the observance of this classic celebration, and hope that you will too!

Just Because Gifts

There are many occasions throughout the year to send a gift for special events. There is the traditional birthday celebration, Christmas thank you gifts, get well soon gifts, sympathy gifts and so many more. But what about the random reason to let someone special know they are being thought of, just a spur of the moment gift to signify to a close family member or friend that they are near and dear and in your thoughts, a Just Because Gift!

Mrs. Fields Cookies and Brownies Gift BasketIt might be a friend that is dealing with a tough circumstance and just needs to know that they are not alone, or a co-worker that has done an incredible amount of work on a tough project and you want to express your appreciation. No matter the reason, an All Occasion Gift Basket will speak volumes and show your acknowledgment and caring. From a gourmet gift full of mouth watering treats to a basket of fresh baked cookies and brownies, a small token of thoughtfulness is one way to brighten their day.

One of our most popular just because gifts is the All Occasion Wine Basket. This gift contains two bottles of wine along with a host of gourmet sweets and savory snacks. There is no specific theme, just a gift that says "I hope to make your day special!" Another best selling gift is the Mrs. Fields Cookies and Brownies Gift Basket. This scrumptious gift houses an assortment of fresh baked cookies and brownies that anyone would enjoy, anytime of year, for any reason!

If you know someone that could use a small pick-me-up treat or even if it is just a random Tuesday, sending an All Occasion gift from The Gift Basket Pros is sure to make their day a special one. With a wide selection of gift choices available, a thoughtful gift for no reason at all will earn you a big Thank You!

It's Christmas Time!

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is finally upon us! We wait anxiously throughout the year just so we can put up our Christmas Wine BasketChristmas tree, hang the wreath on the front door and shop for our friends, family and business associates so we can brighten their season as well. With over 300 Christmas Gift Baskets available, The Gift Basket Pros is your one stop shop for all things gift related.

We provide an abundance of beautiful and festive holiday gifts that are perfect for all ages and professions. From our most popular Christmas Wine Basket for your corporate gift recipients to the Starbucks Christmas Basket for friends and family, the possibilities are endless when it comes to selecting the ideal gift.

No matter if you need the gift delivered straight to you so you can hand-deliver the smiles, or if your list is so large you need for us to deliver to individual address, we have you covered! Beautiful gifts and unbeatable prices are just what you will discover, and if you need a little help from one of Santa's elves, we just might have one that's willing to assist!

Fall Nut Gifts

The fall season is one that invokes the need for hot cocoa, warm scarfs and tons of pumpkins in the front yard, but the one thing
that that truly defines fall are the falling leaves and abundance of nuts. The Gift Basket Pros Nut Harvest Party Gift Boxare proud to provide a wide assortment of Fall Nut Gifts for both Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday in a range of price points. For personal or corporate gifting, a nut gift is one that many can share.

From our traditional Nut Harvest Party Gift Box that contains a mixture of roasted and salted nuts including pistachios, almonds and cashews, to the Nut and Chocolate Gift Box, we are confident we can provide the perfect combination to suit your needs. Not only will these make excellent gifts for mom and dad, but also an ideal way to show office appreciation where everyone can pick their favorite flavor.

If you might be searching for a healthy gift idea, then definitely check out our Fruit and Nut Gift Box. This tasty treat is overflowing with roasted cashews, chocolate-covered cherries and six fresh from the orchard apples! When first impressions truly count, sending a Nut Gift Basket is certain to make that impression positive!

Christmas Gifts are here!

It's that time of year when we start thinking about making our holiday shopping lists for friends, family, clients and customers and The Gift Basket Pros are proud to announce that this year's line up of festive Christmas Gift Baskets are ready and available! This year's collection of beautiful gifts includes a wide assortment of themes and price points that are sure to make anyone's holiday merry and bright. With elegant ribbons, tons of delicious treats and exceptional presentations, we are confident that you will find the ideal gift for all of those you need to shop for.

One of the most popular Christmas gift ideas year after year are Christmas Chocolate Gift Baskets. Overflowing with Godiva, Ghirardelli, and many other chocolaty treats, Chocolate gifts are constantly one of the more preferred gifts we offer. No matter if sending to one individual or to an office group, everyone loves chocolate and recipients are thrilled year after year to receive such decadent gifts.

Another favored gift idea, especially for corporate gifts, are Christmas Wine Gift Baskets. We offer an abundant collection of enticing wines ranging from the Corporate Christmas Wine Gift Basketpopular Robert Mondavi or Sutter Home all the way to exquisite champagnes such as Dom Perignon or Chandon. Each gift includes mouthwatering gourmet treats like indulgent chocolate truffles, sugar cookies, wine biscuits, crackers and cheeses, that are perfect for sharing. When making a statement at the end of the year to thank a special client, sending a regal wine gift is sure to make a grand impression.

And for those that prefer a mixture of sweet and savory, our Christmas Gourmet Gift Baskets are the way to go! Bountiful baskets containing an array of chocolate cookies, gourmet cheeses, smoked salmon, and so much more will make an exceptional presentation. Not to mention, with a wide assortment of price points available, these impressive gift selections are not only practical but beloved by all!

Now is the time to start thinking about who you would like to send an incredible gift basket to while the selection is the best. Place your order early and we will ship on the date you select, but don't wait until we are sold out! The Christmas season is upon us again and we are here to help you select the perfect gifts for your list!

Halloween Gifts for the Office

Generally the super spooky Halloween holiday is one meant for young children to dress up and obtain candy from friends, family and neighbors while walking door to door. However it is not uncommon for the "young at heart" to dress up for this time honored tradition and spend the day at the office snacking on treats for office parties. For those that do celebrate Halloween in the office, The Gift Basket Pros has a wide assortment of Halloween Gift Baskets to get the party started.

For the more traditional office Halloween party, why not send the Trick or Treat Gift Basket! This is an elegant pumpkin themed gift that holds plenty for everyone to share. We have included yummy pumpkin pie cookies, espresso cookie brittle, creamy cheese spread, pecan shortbread cookies and so much more that would make the perfect office party spread for everyone to share! From sending this festive gift to the entire office staff or to just one lucky individual, their Halloween celebration will be an occasion to remember.

Another great office gift idea would be the Witches Brew Gift Basket full of fresh baked Mrs. Fields mini cookies Witches Brew Gift Basketand mini brownies. Also included are a couple of pumpkin shaped hand-decorated butter cookies along with mummy decorated cookies and chocolate Halloween bark. All of these ghostly goodies will arrive in a Halloween themed basket and would make the perfect chilling gift for all to share.

Then for the traditional office party, the Halloween Candy Gift Tote is the ideal way to get the Halloween bash under way. This delightful tote holds an assortment of Halloween candies, that all will love! From the skittles to the snickers candy, this is one of those gifts that is sure to bring a smile to all of the grown up witches and goblins this Halloween season!

Fabulous Fall Gifts

From Halloween to Thanksgiving the season is upon is when we start to fall in love with the cooler temperatures, the thought of pumpkin everything, and the leaves start their gradual turning of colors for a magnificent autumn show. The world just seems a bit brighter and crisper while the sweet relief from those blistering hot days becomes a welcome change. Our moods almost seem to improve as the cooler air creates a bit of a hop in our step as we welcome this most wonderful season in for another year.

With the ushering in of autumn, a brand new collection of gift baskets once again becomes the focus of attention. Beautiful and warm hues that represent all that fall brings with it. For example, our updated Pumpkin Spice Gift Basket is an annual gift that we love to bring back year after year as a customer Autumn Harvest Gift Boxfavorite. This delightful treat holds not only delicious smelling Pumpkin Spice scented hand soap, but the anticipated Starbucks Pumpkin Spice coffee is also included! Not to mention pumpkin pie cookies, pumpkin pie taffy and so much more that make this a truly definitive gift of the fall harvest!

Another customer favorite is our Autumn Harvest Gift Box, that contains an assortment of Mrs. Fields fresh baked cookies and brownies. We have also included mouth watering leaf shaped hand-frosted butter cookies that may or may not be shared! The burgundy and gold themed gift box just adds to the warmth of fall lending this gift to make an appearance each year. Ideal for both personal and corporate orders, you have to send this gift to someone special today!

And for those that appreciate more of a gourmet touch, the Thanksgiving Appreciation Basket can't be beat. This elegant gift holds an assortment of gourmet treats such as dried apricots, sourdough crackers, martini olives and a delectable sparkling apple cider. With so many distinctive and divine treats included, this gift would be ideal for sharing among families or fall office parties.

Grandparents Day

Did you know that each year on the first Sunday after Labor Day, there is a day created specifically just to celebrate grandparents? This day was was not originated as a means to sell more greeting cards and roses by the dozens, but simply meant to be a tribute to all grandparents and those that provide generational values to the family unit. This day was also created not only to recognize all that our elders have accomplished over the years, but for the younger generation to truly learn the strength and guidance that their wisdom offers.

This grassroots effort began back in 1970 when Lucille McQuade, who was an advocate for the elderly, worked with local businesses and church leaders in her community to observe one day as a day dedicated to grandparents. In 1979 her persistence and determination paid off as President Jimmy Carter Mrs. Fields® Cookie Gift Basketproclaimed National Grandparents Day to be held on the first Sunday after Labor Day. Interestingly, September was selected to represent the "autumn" or golden years of life.

Although Mother's Day and Father's Day is meant to be more commercialized, Grandparents Day is simply a day to unite the generations, where the young learn from the old and the family is able to come together and serve the purpose of connection and bonding. Children are able to demonstrate their love and appreciation towards their grandparents and other older friends of family and community members. And although gifts are not the meaning behind this special day, grandma and grandpa would probably not refuse a delicious gift such as the Mrs. Fields Cookie Gift Basket! We all know that grandparents love to share and this sweet treat would be shared with everyone!

So on this special holiday set aside for our cherished elderly and the young at heart, show them you truly do appreciate their life experiences, their dedication to family and the generational insight that they provide. We need to learn all from them that we can to continue the legacy they have left for us.

Early Signs of Fall

It's that time of year when many big box stores line their shelves with holiday decor and Christmas trees that are so large they are hard to miss! The first cool down of the summer season may have hit, and school bus drivers are practicing their routes on a daily basis, it is officially back to school time. As we slowly start the gradual transition into fall, it's fun to take a moment to think about all of those fun and exciting moments that lie ahead.

You first need to acknowledge the young student headed off perhaps for the first time, looking forward to making new friends and learning something new Mrs. Fields® School Cookie Basketeveryday. Grandparents and friends are all but too excited to treat those future doctors and lawyers to an exciting gift that will have them motivated to head out of the door and soak up every ounce of learning they can. The Mrs. Fields School Cookie Basket is a scrumptious basket full of fresh baked cookies along with apple-shaped butter cookies made just for the young student!

Next up in the long list of all things fall are a few of our favorite traditional fall celebrations that we love to experience each year. It goes without saying you must try a new pumpkin inspired recipe, from baked goods to stews, there are tons of them to choose from. Along with baking pumpkin pies, you also must pick out as many pumpkins as possible for decorating your home! From inside on the mantel to outside on the porch, decorating with pumpkins is a sure way to catch the fall spirit. And while picking out your pumpkins, don't forget to enjoy a big cup of hot apple cider wrapped in your super comfy scarf!

In addition to the wonderful fall feeling we so love each year, we can't forget about early preparation for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Selecting the ideal Halloween costume for a night of spooky fun is a must as soon as the air begins to cool down. And don't forget to also put some early preparation into preparing your Thanksgiving gift basket list for all of your clients and customers! This time of year sneaks up very quickly and early establishment of your list will make all the difference!

From baking homemade pies to purchasing a brand new cardigan and everything cool weather inspired, the fall season is a magical time of year that we look forward to as the heat of summer is upon us. Enjoy that caramel apple, light a cinnamon scented candle, watch a football game and most of all, enjoy the beauty of the changing season because before we know it, summer will be here again!